Film review: August: Osage County



With the Oscar nominations announced yesterday, I was really quite mad and confused that Emma Thompson was amiss from the Best Actress category. She was amazing! How could she not be on there? Meryl Streep, that’s why.
So I watched August: Osage County just last night, I’m not even mad. Meryl Streep is indomitable, she gives another powerhouse performance. As does Julia Roberts, but then again I’ve never seen a bad performance from Streep or Roberts. I actually thought Juliette Lewis was pretty good too. In fact, the entire cast is great, with the exception that I do not like Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t mean in this film, I mean at all. He genuinely scares me to look at, and his name is awful. Rant over.
I’m sorry Emma Thompson, but Meryl does deserve this nomination that little bit more. This time.


August: Osage County is an adaptation from a stage production which began it’s run in 2007. I knew nothing about the story beforehand other than what I’d seen in the trailer from last year. It’s essentially about a dysfunctional family who come from Oklahoma, reunite because of their missing father Beverly. They soon learn that things aren’t alright with their mother Violet (Meryl Streep) either, whose narcotic habit sends her either into a rage, or a dream-like state.

There isn’t really tons I could say about August: Osage County without giving it away. I enjoyed watching it for the performances, but it’s not something I’d recommend for feel-good factor. It’s a dark comedy, bitter, there are plenty of arguments, quite a bit of swearing and it doesn’t end on a high either. It does have a few touching moments, but essentially things fall apart. It’s a portrayal of life…..somewhere.

It’s a film about family, but not a family film.

August: Osage County is nominated for 2 Academy awards (Best Actress for Meryl Streep, and Best Supporting Actress for Julia Roberts). 2 Golden Globe awards, a BAFTA and 3 Screen Actor Guild awards.



5 thoughts on “Film review: August: Osage County

  1. First time reader…. Terrific post. I saw A:OC on Friday and enjoyed it, slightly less than I’d hoped to but enjoyed it nonethelessless. Like you, I was disappointed Thompson was overlooked for a wonderfully subtle performance. I doubt she’d have won but she earned her spot on the short list.

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