Film review: Gravity


I actually watched Gravity about a month ago, but seeing as I’ve not been busy writing reviews for my blog I thought I would. Gravity is the latest film by director Alfonso Cuarón, who isn’t actually the most prolific director. He’s been nominated for 3 Academy Awards, 2 for Best Original Screenplay (Y tu mamá también, Adapted), and Best Film Editing (Children of Men). His directorial work includes: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men and a few other Spanish-speaking films.

The reviews for Gravity were insane, huge critical acclaim, but I went into the cinema knowing nothing about the film. Intentionally of course. I’m going to just throw this out there straight away, it is the best film I’ve seen all year, if not of my entire life. It’s a masterpiece. An instant classic. A visual zenith.

I don’t remember the last time I was that gripped by an opening sequence. I mean, I had a box of popcorn in my hands, and I wasn’t eating it. I didn’t care, I didn’t want to make a noise, eat, wink, do anything. This film had me by the face. How Cuarón went from Harry Potter to Gravity I don’t know, but this is exactly why I wanted to write a review about it.


Even though it was obviously a bad day for astronauts, if terrified me to think that those situations were actually genuinely possible. When Sandra was helplessly floating away, trying to contact earth, anyone. I started to cry. That’s another thing, the soundtrack (although I feel uncomfortable calling it a soundtrack) was incredible. Poignant and perfect.

Sandra Bullock was fantastic, George Clooney was well….. George Clooney. I do wonder sometimes if he’s incapable of playing anyone than another version of himself. As I look at the cast members, I also notice Ed Harris‘ name which I didn’t realise before. Goddamn you Ed Harris! Things always go wrong when you’re in charge. Apollo 13 and now this?! You’re fired.

Something else that was fantastic about Gravity was that as well making me laugh and cry, it was authentically brilliant in 3D too. Something rare in cinema nowadays I find. Debris hurtling towards you, loose objects you wanted to reach out and grab, there were occasional reflections which I guess were made to look like you were another astronaut, spectating.

My only gripe with Gravity is that it isn’t going to be the same on a Television screen, it’s only fully realised and justified on the silver screen. Apart from that, it is undoubtably, undeniably the best space flick ever assembled. It is unmissable.

It WILL win Best Film and Best Director at the Academy Awards, I guarantee it.


(Yes, an actual 10 out of 10)

On top of numerous awards currently, it has been nominated for 4 Golden Globes: Best Film, Best Actress in a Leading Role – Drama, Best Director and Best Original Score.


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