Film review: Spring Breakers


Spring break forever, bitches”
So being from the UK, spring break isn’t really a thing over here. At least not that like, on any scale. Unless I seriously missed something…
Anyhow, James Franco tied with Jared Leto at the LA Film Critics Choice awards for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role. So I thought cool I’ll check it out. Not that I regard the LA Critics Choice Awards as particularly prestigious, but mainly because it’s award season in general and I needed to something to watch. See what the fuss is about.

I was disappointed. It was basically a 90 minute debauchery fest. The first half hour is literally them constantly being drunk, high, grinding, being wet, boobs. Oh and they rob a Chicken restaurant. Every scene in the film seems to repeat itself at least 3 times. Selena Gomez can’t cry. Vanessa Hudgens is a dirty whore… ok that was harsh. But for real, Disney turns people into whores.

I thought James Franco was pretty good, but really isn’t nomination worthy. Oh and what was with the Britney Spears love? That entire scene where Franco starts singing Everytime on the Piano was extremely weird. Awkward in fact.
I can’t recommend this film for any reason.


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3 thoughts on “Film review: Spring Breakers

  1. Good review Matt. I was surprised that there was more to this tale than just a bunch of sex, drugs and debauchery, but there actually was and for that, I have to give it some credit.

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