Review: Bloc Party – Four

What is it with bands naming their albums with numbers recently? what, you really can’t think up a name. Maybe I’m being harsh and it has some significance to them or whatever but I dislike seeing album titled with numerics. It is however being 4 years since the release of their 3rd album ‘Intimacy’ which is easily my favourite album from them and one of my favourite albums of all-time. So when they announced that they had reformed and were recording new material, I was excited but nervous.

‘Four’ is trailblazed by lead single Octopus which I reviewed quite recently and I still don’t like (apart from the wicked guitar solo). It bears an evidently heavier sound than you’d expect from Bloc Party, kicking up a serious notch on tracks like Kettling, Coliseum and We Are Not Good People verging on sounding like Queens of the Stone Age. All great songs.

On the other side of the Spectrum are more typically sounding BP tracks like V.A.L.I.S (whatever that stands for), Truth and the beautiful Day Four, my personal favourite. Thankfully there are only 2 weak points on Four, the weird and bland ‘Real Talk’ and ‘The Healing’, which don’t rouse me. First impressions of Four are positive though initially reserved, some tracks will jump out and bite you whilst others require you to dig a little deeper.


It does feel like a step back from Intimacy’s experimental audacity which ultimately paid off, it’s certainly more traditional, but there is something for everyone. Personally I would place it above their first two albums. Four is diverse, enjoyable and rewarding.



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