Review: Bloc Party – Octopus

BLOC PARTY….have returned and reformed after a 4 year hiatus and Kele‘s solo stint. ‘Octopus’ is the single chosen from their 4th album aptly named ‘Four’ (any inspiration from Beyonce there guys? no?) Bloc Party split up back in 2008, they went their separate ways and Kele continued making music. He released his solo album ‘The Boxer‘ in 2010, an alternative electronic album which had a mild spell of success, and released another EPThe Hunter‘ in late 2011.

I really liked Kele’s solo stuff, I even went to see him perform at Southampton University a couple of years back, he was awesome. ‘Rise’ from The Boxer has gotta be one of my all-time favourite songs, which says a lot. Before that came Bloc Party’s 3rd album ‘Intimacy‘ which IS one of my all-time favourite albums. Incredible album.

This however, feels like a giant step back for them as a band, almost as if they’ve hit the reset button, back to Square One. Anticipation is suddenly replaced with worry. It’s so bland, it doesn’t evoke anything from me, the coolest part is the Daft Punk-esque guitar riff, which even then sounds kinda out-of-place. Urgghh.

I hope to God the album is good, otherwise I’m gonna be one big unhappy fan.




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