Review: Marina and the Diamonds – Electra Heart

I can’t quite work out Marina and the Diamonds, her/their first album ‘The Family Jewels’ was a pretty interesting eclectic amalgamation of pop tunes, mixed with Marinas powerful quirky voice made for a strong start. Electra Heart however, has a more prominent electronic, mainstream feel to it, but for ages I don’t think anyone could work out what sound she was going for. She’s also had a complete image makeover, whats with that? is Electra Heart an alter ego?

Electra Heart has also had 3-4 buzz singles (I’m really beginning to hate “buzz” singles, if you’re gonna release a song, release it, don’t pass it off just because your disappointed it didn’t make top 10). Those “buzz” singles were Fear & Loathing, Radioactive and Homewrecker, whats really weird though is that Radioactive evidentally being the strongest and most successful song out of the 3, is only included on the deluxe edition. WTF? mistake.

It is an improvement over ‘The Family Jewels’, but not by loads. The production has been turned up, the quality of her voice hasn’t been compromised, its consistent, it’s catchy and the lyrics aren’t half bad. It is stronger overall, but it’s nothing amazing.


Electra Heart is a pretty good album, it will satisfy pop lovers and hardcore fans, has been tuned well enough to produce some hits, but it won’t set the world alight and I’ll probably forget about it in a couple of weeks. Favourite tracks: Radioactive, Lies, Teen Idle, Fear and Loathing, Starring Role.



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