Overview: Foster the People – 02 Brixton Academy

On Sunday I made my way up to London to see Foster the People, it was their 3rd sold out night in a row at O2’s Brixton Academy, impressive for a band that’s fairly recent. I was flying solo as I didn’t know any of my mates that even knew who they were, so that was a different experience for me.

There were two support acts; We Barbarians and Mini Mansions. We Barbarians were a really cool band and I recommend you check them out. Mini Mansions were….. interesting, they are a lot more alternative than Barbarians. Their songs had really odd timing and tempos, intriguing voices, all round quirkiness. They covered Blondie’sHeart of Glass‘ too, but it was performed in such an unusual way you’d barely recognise it.

FTP opened up with Houdini and a confetti canon.

(p.s – none of the videos in this post belong to me, please give credit to the user)

They performed pretty much everything from Torches, with a few songs here and there that I didn’t recognise. On the second or third song (can’t remember which), I noticed I was being dripped on, so I looked up and I could see this….

Bubbles falling from the ceiling throughout the entire song, which burst into smoke. Crazy stuff.

They closed the show without performing Pumped Up Kicks or Helena Beat, it did end with this though, guest musician Luke Pritchard from The Kooks singing ‘Hold On’ by Alabama Shakes.

Back they come for an encore….

Overall it was a really cool night, the gig had such an energy about it and the confetti, smoke bubbles, Pumped Up Kicks remix + Luke Pritchard were bonuses.


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