Review: Kindness – World, You Need a Change of Mind

So Kindness is a new artist currently on the musical horizon, brought to my attention again through iTunes. I couldn’t find much about the artist to present other than the fact that ‘Kindness’ is an alias for UK producer Adam Bainbridge (the chiselled jaw guy on the front cover). To kick off my interest into ‘Kindness’ was the song Cyan, the only tune available until the albums release, I thought it was ratherĀ interesting, doesn’t sound hugely impressive but there was something about it that held my attention.

I haven’t really heard anything quite like ‘World, You Need a Change of Mind‘, it bears a weird fusion between Funk and Alternative with Hip Hop and Jazz influences. The guys voice and the lyrics aren’t particularly noteworthy, nor is the music itself to be honest. It doesn’t seem to stick to one path or excel in any area.

It’s definitely not a hit single album, and without trying to demoralise the artist, I can see the music being used in commercials or fashion adverts. It just has that strange spacey ambience about it.


Overall, I don’t think its a bad album, its sonically quite a mixed bag and there are far and few moments of potential. It’s the kind of album or style of music I can’t really predict what I’ll hear on the follow-up. My favourite songs are Doigsong, That’s Alright, Gee Up and Bombastic. Doigsong infact will make a perfect party tune, check it out.



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