Red Hot Chili Peppers: O2 Arena – Overview

So Monday night (7th Nov) was an experience for me to say the least, I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the O2 Arena London with my sister. The opening act, LA band Fools Gold came on and played an hour set, halfway through were joined by Chili’s new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. Their music has an easy breezy feel to it, kinda of like Foals or Foster the People except very samey and repetitive, and by about 4 songs in I lost interest.

8:45 – The lights turn off, the audience screams and the Chilis come on stage, starting off with Monarchy of Roses from their newest album ‘I’m With You‘. Onto Dani California and within 10 seconds of them playing, we feel a massive push of people behind us, falling forward, holding onto people, it was hectic…. and very very annoying. Which happened every time they played an up tempo tune. What was even worse was that halfway through the gig, I realised I was right in front of a massive bunch of topless dudes in circle, moshing. NOT COOL.

Throughout the entire gig I was generally trying to stop myself from falling over and being crushed. Don’t think I’ve ever encountered so many different types of sweat in one night.

They performed all of their recent favourites likes Can’t Stop, Californication, By The Way, Otherside, Give It Away, Under the Bridge and their newest song The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.

What was very impressive about the set were the several screens above the stage, that all rotated individually and separated into smaller screens. Occasionally too what was also impressive was when the larger screen at the back played a visual, the smaller screens played the same visual so it looked amazing together. Overall, I enjoyed the gig, they were amazing, but I do think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I was at the side.


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