Review: Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids is the latest effort by Paul Feig, who isn’t known particularly for his directorial work in films, but in television. Whose work includes: The Office, Arrested Development, Nurse Jackie. Bridemaids producer Judd Apatow has worked on numerous comedies such as; The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Anchorman, Pineapple Express, Talladega Nights, The Cable Guy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek, Step Brothers and many others. You might think from looking at the poster or a trailer that Bridesmaids is just another chick flick, I know I did, and you would be half right, but it’s not cliché, dumb or narcissistic.

It’s essentially about two women who squabble over becoming their friend Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) maid of honour. There’s Annie (Kristen Wiig), a single woman in her 30’s who lives Milhaukee, launched her cake business ‘Cake Baby’ in the middle of the recession and went under, lost all her money, her boyfriend and now works in jewellery shop selling engagement rings. Though her sales pitch knack is questionable. Lillian invites Annie to meet the rest of the brides at the engagement party, there’s Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey) Lillians cynical cousin and housewife. Sweet newlywed Becca (Ellie Kemper), Lillians crazy and raunchy tomboy sister-in-law to be Megan (Melissa McCarthy) and Helen (Rose Bryne), the ingratiating, vein but beautiful wife of Lillian’s fiancée’s boss.

Annie meets Helen for the first time, whilst every female present is dressed appropriately, pristine fashion-conscious Helen is wearing an exquisite full-on ballroom goom, to an engagement party…. The tension begins.

There’s a hugely hilarious moment when Annie and Helen give the toast to Lillian & Doug, sharing times spent together and wishing them all the best in all they do etc. They both try to outdo each other with their speech, approaching the stage and taking the mic numerous times, sharing better moments than the last. It becomes evident that they’re both jealous of each others relationship with Lillian, the result is awkward but so hilarious. Another funny scene where Annie is driving back home late at night and is imitating Helen,”Oh Hi I’m Helen, oh your from Milhaukee? Oh I’m sorry”, exaggeratively shaking her hair around excessively, her car swaying side to side in the road, she is pulled over by the police and is tested for drink driving.

Annie takes Lillian and the brides to a Brazilian restaurant before they go shopping for wedding dresses, they arrive at the shop but are told over an intercom they need to book 7 weeks in advance just to come inside, Helen addresses the voice on the other end and informs them of who she is and they are allowed in right away. When looking around, all of the bridesmaids suddenly look and feel really ill from the Brazilian food, apart from Helen who didn’t eat it. They rush to the bathroom where they desperately fight for the loo, or the sink. Lillian emerges from the changing room and makes a dash to the toilets across the street, but doesn’t make it, and ends up in the middle of the street defecating. Embarrassing.

Things get worse for Annie as Helen overrules all of the plans for Lillian’s big day. She falls out with her friend with benefits Ted (Jon Hamm) and Cop boyfriend Nathan (Chris O’Dowd), gets kicked out of her apartment by her flatmates Gil (Matt Lucas) and his sister Brynn (Rebel Wilson) and looses it at Lillian’s bachelorette party when Helen takes a step too far with the planning taking credit for Annie’s idea. She is comforted by her mother (Jill Clayburgh) and stays there. On the day of Lillian’s wedding, Helen arrives at the door in tears explaining that she doesn’t know where Lillian is and they’ve looked everywhere. Annie decides to cooperate even though she isn’t invited to the wedding, and asks Officer Nathan to help locate Lillian. They end up finding Lillian at her own apartment, Annie goes in alone and they reconcile their friendship, the wedding is a success and it all seems to end well.

I quite surprisingly really enjoyed this film, the acting was impressive especially from Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph. The script was intelligent, awkward and hilarious and it was just really enjoyable to watch. It’s The Hangover meets Sex and the City.

(Unfortunately Jill Clayburgh who played Annie’s mother, passed away in November 2010 before the filming was finished).




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