Review: Jamie Woon – Mirrorwriting

(Sorry about a lack of reviews lately, I’ve been rather busy, but I have been listening to this rather good album)

Jamie Woon is new on the music scene, he placed 4th in this year BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll, behind the likes of Jessie J, James Blake and The Vaccines. He went to BRIT school where he graduated a year behind Amy Winehouse. Soundwise he reminds me of James Blake in terms of the very minimalistic, part-acoustic, part-electronic approach. Though where I was personally disappointed with Blake’s hugely sporadic, distant sounding debut album, Woon has impressed me with his haunting yet oddly comforting feel, interesting drum beats and beautiful soulful voice. His voice is kind of a mixture between Darren Hayes of Savage Garden with a slight Justin Timberlake twang, and a little bit like Daniel Merriweather, but more bearable and soothing than the mentioned singers.

The pace and interest in the album is always kept at a steady pace, it’s not too fast or too slow, the beat is consistent and always sounds super crisp, and when it drops out, his voice takes it’s place with either ghostly melodies or a set of instruments perfectly suited for each track. There’s always a really decent middle-ground, it’s one of those albums you can play on a hazey summer’s evening and just kick back to. A good mixture of ballads and the more upbeat tracks, his voice always complimenting each little noise or sound and vice versa.

Highly recommend checking out this album, as Mirrorwriting is one of the better albums I’ve listened to this year thus far. It’s easy to take in and listen to, chilled out yet upbeat, interesting, fresh and crisp sounding accompanied by fantastic vocals. The part of the album I don’t quite understand, is what the title ‘Mirrorwriting’ entails? I mean sure, some of the songs themes are quite introspective and reflective, what’s that got to do with writing? Who knows… anyway regardless of that, the talented Jamie Woon has promising career ahead and will only carve out his own niche musical path further and deeper.

Favourite tracks: Spirits, Middle and Night Air.


Acoustic version of Spirits:


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