Review: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop, a documentary about the works of Banksy, directed by Banksy and narrated by Rhys Ifans. It also really focuses on the life of a man named Thierry Guetta, who has been filming every minute of his life since very young. Along his journey he meets street artists, who he records and documents.

Guetta eventually meets Banksy, and also documents him, clips of Banksy’s interview being shown in between. You quickly learn that Banksy is a funny guy, who without saying, freely speaks his mind. His anti-conformist, anti-political statement art is well-loved and respected around the world. The funny thing about watching the inteview, is that his face is blacked out and his voice is altered, so for all we know, it might not even be Banksy at all. Which just adds to his enigmatic, elusive character. Many believe that Banksy isn’t even real, and that it might be a group of people working together.

Anyhow, Guetta and ‘Banksy’ get up to mischief together from spray painting in back alleys to placing things in Disneyland, bringing the park to a halt. The end of documentary really focuses on Guetta’s life as an artist, known as MBW a.k.a Mr Brainwash, his work heavily influenced by Banksy. Which was astonishing to watch, because it all looks a bit scam, these painting or pictures spray painted over and sold for thousands of dollars, who would of thought it’d be that easy?

It’s a really interesting and funny piece of work, heavily focused of the idea of perceived power. The artwork is amazing too, some really stunning stuff. Exit Through the Gift Shop was nominated at 83rd Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature.



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